Sunday, January 10, 2016

Winter Has Arrived!

No comment on the Viking game today...

We had a fun week with 2 extra ladies in the house! Erin and Savannah came and stayed with us for a few days! We had lots of girl talk and fun having them see our every day :)

The two littles were a little camera shy, I promise we really did have fun [Emma was already in bed]

Matchy Match
 Erin sent Thomas a snap letting him know that Jackie has the touch to feed Savannah and put her to sleep :)
 Sally started her basketball season.  So fun how much she enjoys it and how hard she tries! It's activities like these that really make me feel like a mom, Thursday night practices and Saturday morning scrimmages
 This little big one has had a bit of spunk in her step as of late...
 The snowfall that we woke up to Friday morning was beautiful!
 We decided to get out and enjoy some fresh air before the really cold weather hit.  Emma giggled the whole time!
 Watching the neighbors slide down hills
 Our MN Girls!
 Daddy took the Bigs to run some errands and I got some alone time to just play with Emma.  She was so silly and loved the one on one attention.  I also can't get enough of her in her little track suit that have made the rounds through her big sisters!

 We re-instituted Sunday Night Daddy Dinner!
 It was fun having Poosch visit us for the afternoon and evening!

Happy Week Ya'll

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