Thursday, January 14, 2016

Freezer Meals!

I recently participated in my first Freezer Meal exchange.  This month consisted of 6 other woman.  We each made 6 of the same freezer meal.  Met on a specific date and time.  Swapped meals and came home with 6 new meals.  Simple as that.

I chose to make Chicken Pot Pie and thought I'd share the recipe here.  I got it from Kari many years back, I think we were still teaching.

If you hate cutting up chicken as much as I do, a nice trick I learned is to buy a bag of boneless skinless chicken tenders.  Dump the entire bag in the crock pot.  Once the chicken is cooked it's easy to cut into pieces.  I usually divide the chicken into 3 servings and either store in the fridge for recipes or the freezer and pull out when needed.

The Pot Pie Prep

 We had a fun play date yesterday.  Michelle and her new baby Lauren came over to visit! So fun to see her become a Mama! Thankful for good little ladies so the Mamas could get in lots of good conversation.  Congratulations Michelle, she's beautiful and perfect and as sweet as can be! Thanks for coming over!
 Libby's proud of the extra high fives she gets at school for being the first one ready with her outside gear on, all on her own!  I knew her independent stubbornness would pay off ;) I had a sad realization that I only have a year and a half left with her before she's off to Kindergarten.  Why does it have to go so quickly? :( Soaking it all up each and every day, even the stubbornness
 3rd Child is a bit of a wildcard as of late.  Sally is exactly like Reid and Libby is exactly like me.  Emma, we haven't quite pinpointed yet and that's ok, because we don't like labels anyway.  She is such a jokster lately.  She thinks she so funny.  This was a one nap day.  Unfortunately on the way home from preschool she fell asleep for maybe 5 minutes, which you know any amount of napping minutes not meant for a nap before a nap will RUIN a nap.  Did you catch that?  So, here she was pretending her crib was a horse?  [We haven't had a crib crawler outter, but she just might be the one to break that streak]
 Eventually she caved...

The other day she realized she didn't need her walker anymore.  She would shove it with her hand and belly laugh thinking she was sooooo funny.  I tried to grab my camera to record it, but then she decided to carry the walker over to me.  We're officially done with that baby toy...

Reid has had 3 late work nights in a row due to dinners with vendors.  I can't complain because he doesn't have to travel much and he doesn't have school anymore.

I love how I can rely on LJ being a rule follower.  I asked her to read or play in her room quietly so I could put her sisters down to bed.  Always melts my heart when they actually do what they're told :)

Heatwave today, we made it up to 30!! Happy hump Day!

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