Monday, January 18, 2016

Carnival Fun

Libby's Preschool had a fun Carnival Event Thursday night.  We all had a really great time!

Mommy even got to bring home Cotton Candy ;)

Ring Toss {Sidenote, these volunteer students were some of the kindest kids I have ever met, so very impressed!}

The cutest little carnival goer

 Daddy was in charge of the Bigs and getting their face painted, while I followed Emma around.  "Make sure Sally doesn't get anything crazy, we have to go to basketball in a few minutes"....

Reid was helping get Libby situated when Sally told the lady she wanted a bunny on her cheek...we about fell over when she turned around.  One for the memory books :)
 The Bunny and LJ got a unicorn on her hand
 Getting their balloons! Libby got a flower and Sally got a little bunny
 Libby has dance on Friday.  The instructor likes to have just the students in the studio, which left the parents to sit on the floor in the hallway.  It wasn't THAT terrible, but once Emma started walking it got harder and harder to keep her contained.  We were happy to hear they got a camera in the classroom so that we could watch it in the front Lobby on the TV.  Many comfy chairs and much easier space to keep Emma contained.  We just may sign up for Spring session too :)
 We had a little Tea Party Friday afternoon before Sally got home from school.  Emma was excited to be included, even if she was granted an "old" cup in case she were to have thrown it on the floor.
 Watching her Big Sister.  Love her little hands!
 So excited to be included!
[VIDEO] Watch out for that left hand

Happy MLK Day!

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