Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 2016

Back to an even year and a leap year! If you know me well, you know I love even numbers :)

We had a rockin' New Year's Eve with friends and kiddos! It was wild and crazy, but mostly fun and memorable!

Daddy worked for part of the day and we thought it a great opportunity to go and eat lunch with him at work!

Getting her sparklies on from Grandma and George

Lunch time with BP! Mommy's a big fan of coming to lunch at Best Buy Corp vs having to go downtown like we use to.  We'll be back for sure!

We're proud of him! p.s. I still get caught off guard from time to time with a "holy crap, we have THREE girls!"
 Sending some emails

Let the party begin! Kiddos eat first!

The whole gang! So much fun! Love Hudson in the series of these three pictures.  Thank you Johnson and Martinson Families for celebrating with us!!

Matching Jammies! The babies were already in bed

 Love this girl!
 Love this guy too ;) What I really love is how similar we are as couples and moms and dads and how easy it is when we're together, we can be real!
 Cheers to the memories shared and memories yet to be had!
 Lots of good laughter and convo! Happy New Year!
 The group shot matching jammies didn't go so well...stubborn 4 year old, a threenager and moving toddlers...Sally, always on point, though!
 The best I could get of the babies :)

Nana and Grandpa and Aunt Jane came to celebrate Christmas and Cheer on a Gopher Bowl Game Win!! Sally and Libby showed some of their tricks :)
 I was quite nervous about having 14 straight days of no school and set schedule.  It went really really well and was really really fun.  I was sad to see school start back up, makes me excited for summer. Christmas Break 2015 was really quite great! Of those 14 days, daddy was home for 8!

Remember when I was crazy and thought she was ready for one nap? yeah,  not so much.  We went back and I haven't regretted it for a second.  Girlfriend loves her sleep and is much happier to have it! She's also much happier now that she's on the move and walking.  Sometimes she'll just walk in circles and giggle.  She likes her new found freedom.
 We were crazy and went to IKEA, we just needed a few things and we're "in and out" as quickly as you can when going to IKEA :)
 My MN girl, she loves the outdoors!
 Open skate with Friends!
 The babies and the moms get to walk the track and cheer from above
 Pinkalicious Cuties
 Saturday we got a sitter and went out just the two of us.  We did dinner and a movie and it was fantastic!
 Cheers to hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's
Cheers to making many memorable Christmas memories with our 3 Littles
Cheers to making it through all 5 of us getting the flu
Cheers to the Vikings winning the conference and beating the Packers to do it!
Cheers to dating this guy for 14!!! years, it all started during a Viking/Packer Game!
Cheers to 2016, what a ride 2015--to which we are very grateful!

 This girl got a pony and turned 100.

She's also full on toddler.

Hey look! I can climb the stool!

 Walking in circles and giggling
 Back to the routine and structure.  It was fun watching for Sally's bus again!

Don't eat my cookie [VIDEO]

Happy Birthday, Regan!! Happy 2016! Happy January!

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