Thursday, February 4, 2016

Snow Days

I have great childhood memories of good ol' MN winters!  My mom sneaking in to my room after her morning work out to turn off our alarms because school was going to be 2 hours late.

Or the time school was cancelled, but we had gotten so much snow people were afraid their roof was going to collapse (Hello metrodome!) so Jenny, Joey and I borrowed the neighbor's ladder to climb on the roof to shovel it off.  But what it turned in to was us jumping off of the roof, without the risk of getting hurt because the snow banks were really that high.  My mom had walked to work that day, because it was safer and probably faster than driving.

Soooooo we finally had some MN winter snow in the middle of a school day.  Sally was let out of school 2 hours early on Tuesday and then had a 2 hour late start on Wednesday.

We even got Daddy to come home from work early so he wouldn't get stuck in the commute.

I have to admit, I wasn't a believer, I didn't think it would amount to as much as they had predicted, I'm glad it did :)

 My MN Girls!
 Late start meant extra time to make Banana Bread!
 Footie Jammies are slippery
Emma had a great time at storytime on Monday

 Can't believe Libby's old enough to address, sign and read her own Valentine's!
 It's Catholic Schools Week!  Here's a great article explaining how much and why we value Catholic education!

Tuesday was Dress from a Different Decade.  Sally's class is studying Laura Ingalls Wilder, so she wanted to dress like Mary, Laura's older sister
 Libby had PJ day, but when Sally was home she wore this coat to pretend she was Laura
 and we can't forget about Carrie, the youngest sister :)

Happy Day!

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