Monday, March 13, 2017

Mason is One Month!

Time: a Mother's worst enemy

How can my baby be a month old already? As if 36 weeks to delivery went that fast.  Not fair.

Also not fair?  We were short changed on that month.  He was born at 11:59pm, so only got one minute with him on the 12th.  Then there's only 28 days in February. AND we set our clocks ahead so we lost an hour.  Not fair ;)

At least we've been soaking him up as much as possible.  Still thinking Feb is definitely a good month to have a baby!

So fun to have new sets of clothes to look at!
 Checkin' out his Mama
 Delores came out for a visit! We miss her! Crazy to think she's held all of our kiddos this new!
 Rockin' and singing to her brother without being asked
 Assembly line for the birth announcements :)
 A store was having a great sale and I spotted modest girl swim suits so we stocked up, I want Emma's in my size!

 working on completing Mason's room, 4th set of letters, excited that it's the final time. I'm too much of a perfectionist to be a crafter
 Daddy met friends for dinner one night last week.  I wore it like a badge of honor that I did a whole day all on my own.  Dinner and bed went quite smoothly too!
 While his sisters read books, he snuggled with me.
 Little lady is loving learning some sight words and working on her bob books!
 The crazy high winds blew over our grill...hopefully it'll still work!
 Sally had a 1st communion prep retreat, so we asked Nana and Grandpa to come down to watch the kiddos and hang out for the weekend.

 Chattin' with Gramps
 Regan won tickets to the Gopher Hockey game.  They stopped by to meet Mason on their way through.
 Bookend boy cousins
 Dinner prep with Nana
 putting on a show for us to watch and cheer
 Sally directing the posing...Emma always doing a thumbs up when she gets her picture taken...
 Costume change and an added prop
 He's been sleeping pretty great! Typically he's less tired and wants to hang around 6am.  Daddy bring him in for extra attention and snuggles
 Even with springing ahead we made it to 830am Mass and then we went out for brunch with nana and Grandpa before they hit the road
 and then Mason turned one month :(

He sleeps most of the days and nights away.  The few times he's up, he's very alert! He's a pretty chill baby.  He doesn't full on cry much or for very long, he just gives us little warnings.

He seems to be ready for bed around 8pm, he'll do two 4 hour shifts and then typically a 3 hour one.

So thankful I saved the simple stickers for the last child when I have less time to be creative.

 We love him SO much already
 Such hard work
 After nap sibling snuggles!
 It's funny how quickly Emma got promoted to being considered a "big kid". Thankful for Daddy's extra energy.  Losing an hour of sleep to a newborn mom, is probably one of the cruelest things
 If it's going to be cold, it might as well be pretty and fun.  We know March snow doesn't stick around long, the sun is too warm and it melts quickly
 and then I have had many candid moments where I've got the Big sisters being so cute and patient with their brother.

Emma teaching Mason his prayers
 Sally adoring over and over and over again
 I missed out on my candid photo of libby because my hands were full of mod podge...crafting, the letters M-A-S-O-N

So I borrowed our photographer's picture of proud Libby!

Happiest Birthday to my SisterFriend, and the one who helps keep me sane all of the days! So very grateful for this beautiful soul!! Love you Girl!

and that's a wrap. Time for bed, because someone stole a precious hour!

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