Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Quick Picture Dump

We're here, we're surviving, one moment at a time, one foot in front of the other.  Some days I do toooooo much and some days I can't get my butt off the couch.  All about give and take :)

This is from the day before Mason arrived!

 Daddy was the lucky one that got to pull the "sled"

 Jump rope songs with Grandma! Keep thinking back to how the labor story could have/would have been different if Grandma hadn't decided to come down and hang out...some day, I'll write it all down
 Cosmic Yoga for the win!
 Nana was able to make it down to be Libby's special person, the day everyone got to come and meet Mason...never a dull moment around here :)

 Snuggle Bunny
 Bonding, scratching backs and watching oceans
 Emma asks Libby to come and get her when her clock turns green after nap
 Super Dad!

 a rare sight...we snuggle him as much as possible and also, Littlest Big sister likes to keep an eye on him, so she's not a fan when he's in the crib
 The best blankie, thanks Caroline!
 Super fans at the top, from the Holy Family website :)
 She thought it was so great she got to hold him like this
 Snapchat fun
 Emma wanting to bring Sally to the bus with her back pack too.  Next year when both Sally and Libby leave, I have a feeling littlest sister isn't going to be too happy about it
 The babysitter ;)
 We made it through our first solo week! Friday morning school drop off!
 Everyone needs an Emma in their life, she adds so much color to life :)
 They typically want the newborns to be back at their birth weight by 2 weeks...Mr. Mason Man is already up a whole pound!! 9lbs 15oz (Libby's birth weight)

Mom's mini photo shoot

 Those lips!
 Daddy must have taken this one
 Saturday morning at the Craigmile Crew! Is Mommy's lap big enough?
 Daddy being daddy
 Saturday night Pizza Picnic and Movie night!

 Thanks Grandma and George for the sleeper, he looks good in blue
 She's been waiting the whole 9 months for this moment ;)
 Our kiddos adore her!

 Keeping up with the bottle...I vowed I would! One sock on, one sock off
 Thank you Joerger fam for the perfect gifts!
 I don't know what it means, but this is Emma's new thing when taking pictures.  It's like her version of a thumbs up or she's #1 :)
 Thought this was pretty funny, gave us a good chuckle
 after nursing snuggles and sweet breath
 The cutest ash recipients!

 Thought this photo to be a little you this Mr. Mason has had enough of Emma lovin' on him?
 So precious
 Never have to ask her, she just kisses and snuggles and asks for more!
 Soon Buddy, we'll wash away your original sin ;)
 Our new chair arrived yesterday.  Of course the delivery time was the exact time we were at Mass.  Thank you to Alisha for being available to accept it for us!  We've already had numerous nursing sessions and a nap on the'll find me there most days, I'm sure.  Love it!
 She asked for this picture and then said to say "Brother and Sister just chillin'"
 King of the Throne...sooooooooo thankful for our generous church community and the meals that have been provided to our family!!!
 No School today (or tomorrow...conferences).  She's patiently been waiting for this moment, her 1st tooth finally fell accident! She had a yoyo string in her mouth and then she threw the yoyo and came running "Mom, something weird happened!!"

Well sweet girl, you lost your first tooth!! She's so excited!

She was a late teether...her first tooth came when she was 1!

aaaaaaand that's a wrap...time to load up the troops and head to conferences and oil change appointments!! Just  keep swimming just keep swimming :)

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