Friday, January 24, 2014


We're only a little bit crazy today :)  Thank you for the wonderful blog comments, FB messages, and text yesterday.  It complimented my theory that I surround myself with positive people. Thank you!

I do have one more picture that summarizes yesterday, it's quite funny {Nana might not think so ;)},but if you've been around 2 year olds you know how one minute they are laughing and then you look at them wrong and this happens:

No caption necessary
We picked up our bad attitudes threw them out in the cold.  We watched for our mail carrier to make her some hot chocolate.  Seriously, I think we can all agree that the mail can wait a day so they don't have to be out in this ridiculously cold weather.  Megan, we appreciate you, thank you!!

Sally insisted that Mommy have matching messy buns as well.  Fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies makes everything better too

So does dressing up in leotards and tutus and dancing to loud teenybopper music

We all got out of the house today, which was lovely!  Sally to school and Mommy and Libby to the mall to just walk.  No stroller.  I let L take the lead.  We went up and down the "magic stairs," played hide and seek, made friends with the everyday Mall Walkers, threw pennies in the fountain and walked down the block before picking Sally up from school.

Wishing for an early Spring

Hasn't quite mastered the Selfie

Little Monkey happy to be outside

We've got this!
Today is only a little tease with the warmer temps.  The brutal cold will be back, but at least we have a low key weekend ahead of us with a Daddy who's ready to play with his girls!

Happy Weekend, hang in there, you've got this!  Happy Everything!

We've got chocolate chip cookies and milk waiting for snack. Toodles!

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