Monday, January 20, 2014


We got outside this afternoon and it felt so good.  We almost didn't, we're all battling something.  Maybe a cold,  maybe the influenza, who can really tell.  At any rate the Vitamin D sure felt great!!

We met up with our friends Shawn and Kayla Saturday night.  It sure was great to catch up.  They were so sweet and bought two pink princess crown cookies at their local bakery.  The girls LOVED them!

 We can't wait to come and meet Dexter soon!!

Daddy got it the worst so he wasn't up for lots of activity, but he did come out to snap some pictures.

Working on making a snowman. 

"Do you wanna Build a Snowman?!"-Frozen {if you haven't seen it, you must!}

Meet Olivia, Olaf's Sister {again, you must seen Frozen :)}

Libby's turn to read a book

Happy MLK Day! Happy Lazy Day Monday!! Have a great week!

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