Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This & That

We had fun on Friday having dinner at our neighbor's house! Thank you Nortons for the delish food and fun convo!

Libby upgraded to the Big Kid table! It won't be long until Lila's there too!
Princess Show!

Daddy soaked up his time with his girlies before he left for a work trip

One on One with L-Train while Sally napped and Mommy Shopped

One on One time with SA while Libby napped and mommy relaxed. She thought she was pretty cool stuff to be able to skip out on her usual quiet time.
Impressed by Sally's creative mind.  The triangle and rectangle in the back is Rapunzel's Castle.  Rapunzel is looking out the window and letting down her hair!!
Helping to make Chicken Wild Rice Soup!

Daddy's home!!!...sort of. Easiest way to Skype...girls clipped in to their chairs :)
Caught this one being so sweet and independent.  She was reading her books in the middle of the kitchen

12 years ago today, Reid and I became a couple.  I remember discussing with friends that I was hesitant to start a relationship because I would be heading off to college in 7 short months.  We decided to give it a shot anyway, and we're so glad we did!  Love you Babens!

"I want Sally help me potty dis time"

**It just hit 2 degrees!! HEAT WAVE!!!

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