Thursday, January 16, 2014


We're happy to have our normal routine of a week back!  I can't believe it's already Thursdsay!!

Here's Libby doing her ABC's and 123.  She often forgets the number 7, so that might be why she starts there :)

I caught this cute moment the other day.  For quite some time, they had no idea I was recording them!

"It's okay Libby, you can sit on me, I'll read you this book!"
Great Grandma Gen was transferred to Saint Cloud Hospital for some work done and we wanted to be sure to send some pictures to give her extra smiles!
Sitting on her throne
Enjoying her new accessories from Nana and Grandpa

Princesses of the Craigmile Palace

"Can you take a picture of us and send it to Great Grandma Gen, I  bet it will make her smile!"-Sally
So glad things are looking up for Grandma Gen!  Sorry we weren't able to visit yesterday with the Blizzard warnings!  We continue to pray for you every day!
Happy Thursday!
Not much planned today other than turning in Sally's KINDERGARTEN registration!!! It's going to be here before we know it!! 

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