Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas at Grandma and George's

Daddy took a half day and we were on the road right around noon.  He ate lunch in the car, so I drove.  About 30 minutes from Alex he looked over and said, "should I go in the back with the girls?"

Coloring Christmas Pictures
Joey and Emily arrived and we started in on the gifts!  Joey getting some much needed {yeah right} hooded sweatshirts from Libby

Grandma showing Sally all the ornaments of her kids when they were in Kindergarten!

Helping Grandma open her gift

Mommy showing Sally her favorite ornaments

Grandma needed to borrow Sally's new flashlight so she could read the directions for our game

We had a lot of fun playing Heads Up...maybe too much fun!

The next morning we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and play outside!  We had explained to Sally that we'd be able to walk on the lake because it was frozen.  She couldn't quite wrap her brain around that.  Halfway to Alex she asked "Mom, did you pack our life jackets?"

She now spots frozen lakes everywhere we go!

Snow Bunnies
 We had a little mishap with the sled, so Grandma went and picked up some new ones for us! 

Joey and I were able to make the most of what was left of the sled :)


We tried the yard, but the snow wasn't quite right, so the best place was down the drive way!

She looks like a little troll


She loves to play outside, a true Minnesota Girl!
Everyone took great naps after all of the fresh air.  Uncle Joey showing the girls a video of a deer when he was Turkey hunting
 The afternoon was filled with some Tripoley and drinks {Bloody Marys for this girl}

The girls were so good just playing on the side and coming to say hello every once in a while
 We had our nice sit down dinner of Prime Rib that night.  Photo compliments of Sally :)

Emily got an appointment at Salon Sally :)

Saturday night was filled with more gaming and drinking.  We played Sequence, Stratego and Nines
The battle field was set
Sunday morning we woke up to 15 below zero!! We were off to Mass and then brunch at Travelers.
After naps we took the girls to see Frozen.  It did not disappoint, a very cute movie!!
It was Libby's first official movie {not counting when she was a month old and went to Beauty and the Beast}, she did great!! She actually cried when it was over because she wanted to watch more princesses!

Grandma loved it too!

Waiting so nicely while Daddy heated/thawed the car!!
It was a nice Christmas celebration and weekend away! The girls behaved very well, which makes it that much more successful. Thank you Grandma and George for all of your generosity, we love you!  Thank you Joey and Emily for adding more fun and memories, we're glad you made the trip too!!

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