Monday, January 27, 2014


Well my husband worked up a pretty great surprise for me on Saturday. An early birthday present

I told him all I wanted for my birthday was to get my rings resized.  Let's be honest, I'm not exactly the same size I was at the age 24 before having two beautiful, big, baby girls :) 

Little did I know he had been in the works of a surprise since the end of December.

Last week we dropped the rings off to get resized and little did I know, when we went to pick them up on Saturday there was quite a bit more than just my resized rings.

I was handed a bag that held a nicely wrapped box.

Hmmm, that's weird, I thought, I would have thought they would have just handed my rings back to me, like I did when I gave them to them.

When I opened the box I discovered that Reid had bought me a matching band to go on the other side of my engagement ring!! 

Something we had talked about getting as a push present #2, but never really pulled the trigger on.

Needless to say, I cried of course, and was very very happy and surprised!

"Happy Birthday, Jackie, we love you so much and appreciate you and you deserve it!"

Awe Shucks, I picked a good one!

Then on Sunday I was checking out at Target and the lady apparently forgot to ring up a big container of train mix {Sunny Cranberry--it's very good, you should try it!}.  The guy who was after me said, don't worry about it, just add it to my bill, no worries! So sweet, and generous.  Now it's my turn to pay it forward!

I also was granted some peace and quiet Saturday morning while Daddy took the girls for their donut run!

A great book, I highly recommend it!
and a little more last night of watching the Grammy's while Reid played a game with Sally and Libby went to bed.

Thank you Kathy and Mike for the awesome cupcake princess game, she loves it!!

Last night when we were eating dinner Reid got a text that his Grad School class for tonight was cancelled!! SAWEEET!!  It gave me a little piece of mind knowing that I'd be able to make it through today, should Sally's preschool get called off.  At least we weren't sick and Daddy would be  home for dinner.

But THEN, Sally's school DIDN'T get called off.  They let the parents decide.  They figured none of the children have to wait outside for a bus, all students are dropped off and they don't start until 9am.  It was a nice break, especially because she doesn't have school on Friday because the teachers are attending some conference.

Luckily Kari and Haddie were needing out too, so we went to the mall to get some exercise and chit-chat in.  This time the mall visit was more for Mommy than Libby.  It's good to have some adult interaction throughout the week!

"Are you sure our moms aren't crazy?!"
  They wouldn't both smile at the same time
First Haddie did

Then L did

This was kind of the best we could get :)

Happy Monday, Y'all! It's gonna be a good week!

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  1. From "The glass half full always file" : only 52 days until Spring!!!! We can do this!! :)