Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A really great day

Yesterday was a really great day.  The girls got along very well and played quite nicely so I could clean the house.  They built forts and tunnels, made Valentine's, played dress up, danced and even helped dust!

They took great naps and woke up happy!  We decided to sip some hot chocolate, dress up like monkeys and dance!

Sally gets to dress herself on Tuesdays and Thursdays :)

I even got a little break in the bedtime routine, as I attended my first parish council meeting and Daddy was at class.  Thank you Suh!

Sally was very excited for school today.  They were taking a field trip to Stages Theater in Hopkins to watch The Mitten! The teachers said it was excellent!

Mommy and Libby had a successful morning of doing a load of laundry, dropping a big load off at Goodwill, a quick Target run, the bank and my favorite, a car wash!!

Life's simple joys!
We have lots of fun things planned for the remainder of the week too!  Daddy took tomorrow off to kick off the birthday celebrations!  Should be fun!

Happy not below zero, the sun is shining, day!!  Hump DAAAAAAAY!

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