Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Truck Petting Zoo

The Plymouth Library hosted a truck petting zoo.  It's exactly as it sounds.  A parking lot full of trucks and vehicles that kids could climb and go in!

It was pretty busy and Libby loved some of it and others she was overwhelmed by, so I didn't realize until we got home that Sally and/or Libby has their eyes closed in some of the pictures.  You get the idea ;)

Future Track Stars ready to go check out the trucks
School Bus!!

Fire truck...2 minutes before it had to leave to go fight a real fire!

Driving the police car

Libby's turn

Hopefully they will never actually be in the back of a police car...
 We went inside to read and check out some books!
**Mama's corner to brag
--Libby surprised us and said the ENTIRE before meal prayer all by her lonesome last night.
--At drop off for preschool today two separate mom's came up to me to say my child has been talking about Sally and what a nice friend she is.  Sally this and Sally that.  Then, at pick up a mom asked if my daughter was Sally.  She said her daughter was a little sad this morning to be dropped off.  Sally was in the back working on a puzzle and overheard and came up with another puzzle and said, "It's okay, your mom will come back soon, you can come do a puzzle with me, here, I brought you one."

We might have had some long difficult days at home with listening, but I know deep down Sally's genuinely a very kind friend.  The hard work is paying off!

**Happy Hump Day, Friends!

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