Thursday, September 5, 2013

Daddy's First Day of School

Daddy had his first day of school yesterday.  He'll only have one more of those before he's done.  6 semesters down, 4 to go.  Chugging along as he says.

Sending him off with lots of love and support
We had Kate come babysit last night, as Reid was at class and I had Sally's pre-school orientation.  We got to pick her up from her tennis practice.  The girls enjoyed watching her and learning what tennis was.  We hope to make it to one of her matches!  Thanks Kate for watching the girls!

We're enjoying our lazy week, before everything starts up next week.  Libby likes to sort the junk mail

I forgot about this video I took of Libby last week.  She's still at the age where it is hard for most to understand her, unless you live with her, but I know I'll like to look back at the video some day :)

Happy start to the NFL 2013 season.  Best of luck to all of you Fantasy Football Players!

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