Friday, September 13, 2013

Libby's First Day!

Today, Libby got to have her first day of school!  ECFE 20-27months class.  Where they learn to separate. 

It was crazy to be back at this school for ECFE, the last class we were in I was pregnant with Libby for the first half and the second half she came as Sally's sidekick.  A lot of the teachers that we have had in the past had to do a double take. "No way, Libby can't be coming to school already!! It seems like yesterday I was holding her as a newborn."

So there we were, back at ECFE, the mom who now has an older child at preschool and a chance to have one on one time with a second born.  I met a lot of nice moms and quite a few that we had seen at the park or the pool over the summer, but never officially met.  I can see new play dates in our future!

Libby did great! We only separated for 20 minutes since it was the first day and she waved bye and gave a kiss without any tears.  It sure helps that we leave right as they are about to have their snack :)

It was great to have one on one time with Libby and not be distracted by her older sister!

Thank goodness it's Friday, right? Wowzers it has been a long week, behavior and nap--wise. Looking forward to a regular routine without any first days or new transitions next week. I also forgot how much it s-u-c-k-s to have Reid gone two nights a week as opposed to just one night like in the summer.


The Fall weather has come and we had fun yesterday, wearing layers and matchy match messy buns.  Fall is my favorite clothing season!

I don't usually put her hair back because I love her curls, but thought it was be fun to try out messy buns!

She needs a hair cut, but like that there's more options with her hair a little longer than usual

So sweet

Matchy match sisters!

They played so well yesterday morning at the park, searching for perfect rocks to take home and paint.  Haven't made it to the painting...they have to earn it with behavior----oye!

She was proud to show off where Nana used to work--Alex Tech!!

Happy Friday the 13th!! Happy Crisp Sunny Days! Happy Weekend! Happy Everything!!

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