Thursday, September 12, 2013

Little Sister

Little sister certainly enjoyed her extra time with Mommy! She got to push her very own cart at Trader Joe's and she thought it was the best thing in the world.  There was only one cart left. It was the loudest thing ever.  Check out my instagram video if you don't believe me ;)

When we got home and I was putting away our groceries I caught her doing the sweetest thing
Sharing some juice with her little baby.  She plays so well all on her own.

She was very excited to pick Sally up from school and almost knocked the door down to go see her :) I was happy to hear that Sally  let her light shine and her teachers are as in love with her as we are.  One of the teachers kept looking at me and smiling when she was giving the summary from the day.  When it was my turn to get Sally she whispered, "she is just the sweetest thing, I could just take her home, I'm so excited to have her in class"

In no time it will be Libby's turn to let her light shine.  Until then, Mommy and Daddy will soak it up.  Daddy caught this perfect innocent pure happiness picture the other night.

Our sweet sweet baby girl


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