Friday, September 20, 2013

Conversation with my 4 year old

In the car, driving home from Target.

S: Mom, what are those tall buildings with all those windows that people live in called again?

M: Apartments.

S: Yeah, Apartments.

M: Mommy used to live in one before she and Daddy got married.  Then we bought a house.

S: {Quiet for a minute} You can't buy a house, silly.

M: Ummm, why not?

S: You can't fit a house in a bag!!

M:{Chuckling to myself} Sometimes things that you buy don't come in a bag.  Remember when Friend Lucy sold her house? They had a sign in their yard saying it was for sale and then people came to look at the house and one family decided to buy it.  When you buy a car, it doesn't come in a bag.

S: I know Mom, cars come in boxes.  They put a big box around it and then you have to ask a lot of people to help you carry it home.

M: {More chuckling in my head} No Honey, when you buy a car, usually you drive it home.

S:  Hmmm Okay.

I love to get inside of her brain!

We're off to a Waffle Feed tonight, swimming and Gophers tomorrow, Church and "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse" on Sunday!!

Happy Friday!! Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Bahaha....I want to be 4 again. How simple life would be:)