Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Today marks my nine hundred ninety ninth blog post. Wowzers!  It also marks the end of summer and first day of school for most.  My little hooligan doesn't start until next week.

We enjoyed our Labor Day Weekend.  It was a nice mixture of both families, busy and relaxing, with a bonus family day on Monday!

Collecting Acorns to throw in the lake
 Dinner at the Deck Bar with Grandma
 Waiting for the Pelicans to land

Blessing Saint Francis

Later we found Sally had put a turtle hat on him and she was bowing and saying an Our Father...Saint Sally

Grandma does the best French Braids

On of my favorite parts from the weekend was how much Sally got to bond with her cousins.  Now that she's older she can run off and play with them and I don't have to worry too much.

I got to check out Reid's deer stand
Horsie ride from Daddy

Morning walk with a stop at the Park with Grandma

 Daddy helped the Uncles build a big deer stand for Bob and his kids!
 Sally learned how to play spoons

There was a quick little storm that came through Saturday evening.  It sure made for a pretty sunset and drive home from the farm
 Sadly we realized how very few fields Sally sees.  She kept pointing to all of the open space and saying "WOW, I could fly my kite in that open field, or that one, or that one or that one..."

Sunday Brunch with Nana & Gpa before hitting the road to come home

**Happy Birthday Pat!!

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