Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Monday!

We had a very nice and low key weekend!

Sally's swimming lessons started up

Daddy chose to sit this Gopher game out to spend more time with the family.  Gets too hard to fit it all in when he has so much to do with work and grad school.  So the girls cheered while Daddy listened on the radio and played outside
Of course they would add a splash of pink to the gopher colors
 The weather was extra snuggly this weekend.  I worked on switching over the clothes in their closets. Such a process.  We are so blessed with all of the goodies Nana and Gpa pick up for the girls.  Here's a set of their matching jammies!
Love sleeping in this weather, you can get all cozy and warm under all of the blankets instead of the hot humid nights. Love that we get our 4 seasons here in MN, just wish we could have a say with how long each one was :)

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