Monday, September 9, 2013

Signs of

a successful play day

Straight to the bath, even before dinner
A friendly neighborhood.  We know our mail carrier's name, Meghan. And we share a frozen gogurt on a hot summer day

Old friends making new memories

We miss these guys! So fun to spend the day together and do a house swap.  Wives at one and husbands at another
Successful Park Yogurt trip! We love FroYo
Sally's preschool had a parish carnival that we were invited to.  We headed over after Sunday morning Mass.  It was amazing! Everything was free, but the food.  They had pony rides, rock climbing, petting zoo, bouncy houses, games, prizes, balloons, clowns...amazing things!!
Sally's favorite animal is a horse, she's never ridden one, she got to ride a pony, twice!

Libby did too!

The coolest petting zoo.  You got to go in and walk around with all of the animals

4 little pigs ;-)

Sally insisted on trying out the climbing wall.  She did VERY well! I'm impressed with her bravery!! Videos to come, tomorrow

After the Vikings game Daddy took the girls to the park.  Libby insisted on walking home and pulling the wagon herself...

It started out as a weekend with no plans and ended as one that will make it to the memory books!!
Sally gets to meet her teachers today and has her first day of school on Wednesday! We're alllllll verrrrrrrry excited :)

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