Friday, September 27, 2013

Cleaning Up

Before the school year started, I thought I would want to hurry through Tuesdays and Thursdays because we have to agenda.  I've come to really appreciate those days and especially the lazy mornings!

The girls have continued to play well together and they allowed me to get the house cleaned Thursday morning.

playing sleep while I cleaned
It was a great day to take lunch outside and keep the crumbs off of the clean floor

We have some new neighbors next door and a little girl Hailey loves to come and play after school.  She does a great job coming up with fun little games to play.  They started with this and we ended with Duck Duck Grey Duck!
Continuing with our clean up theme, the girls got their hair cuts yesterday

ummmmm, can someone tell me where September went? My goodness time is flying!

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, Happy Gopher Homecoming, Happy Nana and Gpa come to play, Happy Everything!!

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