Monday, September 30, 2013

The Vikings Won!

They had to go all the way to London, but a W is a W :)

We had a wonderful weekend with Nana & Gpa

Nana went to Holland, Michigan this past Spring for a tulip tour.  She bought us some tulip bulbs. We planted those Friday afternoon.  Daddy surprised us by coming home early too!!

We'll be excited to watch for those to come up this Spring! Thank you!

How awesome is this picture?!

We of course had to take them to Park Yogurt!  To be fair, Nana and Grandpa have never been to a yogurt bar before, so we wanted to let them know what they're missing!

Saturday morning everyone went to Sally's swimming lessons to cheer her on!

I promise Grandpa really did have fun ;)
It rained and it rained, but Daddy insisted that we come to visit tailgating, at least with Sally.  Nana stayed back with Libby--Thank you!

Sunday morning we got to relax a bit before heading to 10:30 Mass and Sally to Sunday school!

Such a good big sister, teaching little sister how to do ballet

Oh Libby!

Looks about 12 years old here!
Nana and Grandpa wanted to try 5 guys, so we didn't put up a fuss :)

We strolled over to Centennial lakes, Libby got in a quick photo bomb ;)

Thank you thank you for another wonderful weekend! 57 days until Disney!!!

**Happy Birthday Emily! We hope you have a wonderful day!

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