Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sally's First Day of Kindergarten!

"You came to me on a sunny May day. 

You were so precious to hold in my arms to stay.  

At first it was hard, you would hurt and cry.  I loved you so much, you touched my heart inside. 

You are growing bigger every day. I know I must let you walk away. 

Down in my heart from here to the sky. You are taking steps with wings to fly. 

I am so proud of all that you are. You will always be my shining star. 

Your first day of Kindergarten is finally here.  I know you are excited that is perfectly clear. 

Mommy will walk with you and kiss you goodbye. 

Spread your wings precious girl, it’s time to fly!"

We did it!! I did better than I thought I did! The anticipation was the worst part.  Last night's bedtime story was the hardest, all the thoughts from birth to lazy morning snuggles to the anticipation of sending her off on the bus came flooding all at once.

But, when push came to shove this morning we all did great.  Sally was so very excited, which made it that much easier.  If she had any bit of nerves, she didn't show it one bit! I couldn't imagine the heart ache of sending a child off who was nervous or not wanting to go.  I held back tears until the bus pulled away.  Then Reid and I had a quick little pity party and we were off in our cars to wave at her in the parking lot.

We're not THOSE parents, it's a tradition of the school :)  I liked it, a lot.  No tears, just lots and lots of smiles, and pictures!

She picked her special dinner last night, that we enjoyed outside.  Brats on the grill, corn on the cob and apples :)

This morning she chose juice, banana and a waffle

We did our traditional "first day of school caramel rolls" yesterday, on Labor Day, so that we could enjoy them as a family and not feel rushed.

Libby has been so awesome, letting things be all about Sally! She's been a great little helper today as well! Will be fun to see them reunited once we greet Sally off of the bus.  It's been pretty nice not having to break up any sister rivalry of who gets to be Queen Elsa :)

It's tough on this one too, but he held it together pretty well, he knew his hormonal wife wouldn't be able to keep it together if he was a wreck as well :)

The bus was 10 minutes late, so that maybe helped with holding back the tears as we just wanted to make sure it arrived :)

One of Sally's classmates and friend, Mae, gets on the bus right before her, so they get to be Bus Buddies, so sweet!

Big wave, Big Smiles!

Waiting to see her sister!

Was so fun to see her so excited to get off the bus.  She waved at us, as if to say "I've got this, no problem!"

Her wonderful teacher, Miss Crowley! So blessed to have her!!

Sally and Mae, ready to rock Kindergarten!


Other school photos:

Sally's open house from last week!

Testing out her paint shirt, maybe a future Bennie?...that'll be here before I know it, I am sure!  One day at a time, deep breath in, deep breath out :)

And now I need to finish up my chocolate chip cookies so they are fresh and ready when my little Kindergartner hops off the bus, ready to tell her sister and Mama all about her first day of school!!

PS!! It's Daddy's LAST EVER 1st day of school!  21 class sessions left and then we are D-O-N-E!!! We're pretty excited about it!

**Confession, I did read a few sappy first day of school articles, this was one of my favorites...

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