Friday, September 19, 2014

A very good Week

We had a very good week this week.

How cute is my special little helper during the day?

Libby's Selfie

Enjoying the beautiful afternoons and catching up on what we each did during the day

I got a nice little break yesterday, as I qualified for a research study that took place downtown.  My sister graciously took in Libby--thank you!  She had a great time with Katherine and Bobby and can't wait to come back and play with her cousin friends!

Lots of outside time, we even got to meet our newest neighbor, Adalay, only a week old!

This girl just cracks me up.  Between the shoes, the helmet and the crazy smile...

Kid, you'll move mountains ;)
In case you were wondering, the Mm expert lives at our house!!

She was pretty excited to head to school and teach her classmates about the letter Mm.

 We also got to meet another new little neighbor, Arthur! He was as sweet as can be!  Baby boom, I tell ya!

Happy Weekend Ya'll! Go Gophers!

**Extra prayers for Great Grandma Joan (Grandpa Russ' mom) for some peace and comfort!

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