Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I'm exhausted!

You would think with Sally being gone two full days already my workload would have been cut in half!

1. There was a little bus debacle yesterday, that caused me to run/sprint 2 blocks running after a bus, thus causing poor Delores to have a dream that I had the baby in the middle of the highway, she doesn't like me sprinting ever, let alone 34 weeks pregnant.

2. Sending your first child to Kindergarten is more emotionally draining than I had anticipated

3.  Sally has been a bear when she gets home from school and she and Libby start fighting the moment she walks in the door. Veteran parents, how long will this adjustment take? We're all over the much earlier bedtime, she's asleep for the night at 7:15pm, but know it'll just take time.

4.  Reid has had class 2 nights in a row, thus dinner, shower, sibling ref, clean up, ready for next day is all on me

5. I had "trained" myself that baby wasn't close until after school had started.  School has started, starting to freak out a little about prepping.  Not the whole having a newborn again, third time, whatevs, we've got this (yeah right!), but more so, switch the clothes for seasons and closets, get out newborn clothes and wash them.  A lot of sitting and standing and up and down and digging and bending and there's the whole I've got a bowling ball attached to me, I can't do it all in a day

6. And then there's just the fact that I'm pregnant, 34 weeks pregnant, with the third, 5 years older than I was when I was pregnant with Sally and two more kiddos to watch.  It can get tiresome.

So the little bus hiccup.  Yesterday Libs and I were anxiously awaiting Sally's arrival

But then, she wasn't coming and she wasn't coming and then I'm pretty sure what was supposed to be her bus, flew right by, thus causing me to run after it to see what in the world was going on.  I got down to the high school and the bus was gone and there was no Sally.  I wasn't really that worried, I knew she wouldn't get off the bus if it wasn't her house or I wasn't there.

Luckily I had exchanged phone numbers with a few of the moms who had daughters on Sally's same bus.  One was expected home after Sally and she still hadn't seen her daughter.  They had told us to expect up to a 15-20 minute delay the first week.  I didn't want to be THAT mom and already call the office on the first day.  It had been 30 minutes.  I finally heard back from another mom who's daughter should have been dropped off before Sally, but her daughter wasn't on the bus.

Long story short, 4 Kindergartners got put on the wrong bus, the mistake was caught and all 4 Kindergartners were brought back to the school to have the parents come and pick them up.  The kiddos were totally unphased.  Sally was actually quite mad she had to come home in the car, she wanted her bus to come back and get her.

Today she made it on the right bus, and it was fun to greet her!  We had the cookies and tea cups again since it was a little rushed yesterday.

These are pictures from yesterday.  Bribing with real tea cups and fresh chocolate chip cookies in hopes to get as many details about her day as possible.  She really is very good at sharing, I just want the play by play :)

If only they acted as sweet as they looked.  They can't go more than 5 minutes without arguing or fighting over something.  Ooofta, it's just a phase, it's just a phase, this too shall pass.

This morning was much better, in that Libby and I didn't have to get ready (yesterday we had to look presentable because we went to the school to see Sally off the bus).  No rush rush to get pictures taken or emotions running high.  Cool as a cucumber, or something like that.

A little chilly morning, so we had to grab a sweatshirt and her slippers :)

So excited to start another day and get back on the bus! :)

Libby has been a fantastic sidekick! She loves to help with any little thing and is totally content just sitting and reading books if need be.  She's so proud to have her clothes finally moved upstairs and to help put away and organize Squirt's clothes!

We were less distracted today and had a lot of little moments to just take a break and catch our breath.  She read me a few books.

Tomorrow is a new day and our new normal will get a little bit easier.  Once we finally get the hang of things I'll be going in to labor and we'll start all over again.  Oh well, all are blessings and so totally worth it!

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