Sunday, September 7, 2014

Football Season has begun!

Gophers are 2-0!

Daddy was at the Gopher game last weekend and enjoyed it with his dad and a few friends

He was not at the game on Saturday, a true dedicated dad...I had a baby shower and his parents are gone in Ireland (can't wait to see pictures!) so he opted out of the game.  Of course it was a picture perfect day too, we appreciated him being home and doing extra helpful things to take off of mommy's plate. Love you Daddy!!

The intense Fantasy football draft from last weekend :)

Vikings won today too!


We're hoping for a little better busing system this week.  We had one delay after another, apparently totally unrelated to another.  It went from being put on the wrong bus, a sever Thunderstorm and insane construction delays.  One day it was even the morning bus.  I think it would be safe to say that I wasted at least 3 hours in total last week, waiting down at the bus stop. We have heard that most haven't experienced this many mix ups in an entire year, let alone the first week of Kindergarten.  Can only get better from here, right?  I guess I should just be thankful Squirt has yet to arrive, so it's a little easier to devote so much wasted time to waiting around...

At least Libby got to test out her rain boots and puddle jump one of the days!

On more than one occasion last week, our decision to send Sally to a Catholic School was affirmed.  Here's one example:

For the 1st Quarter the Kindergarten students are supposed to practice and learn the Guardian Angel Prayer.  Sally wanted to be sure and practice, but in doing so, she wanted to get on the floor on her knees.  How precious.

Sally already knew the prayer.  Reid said that's a testament to me having stayed home to raise her, but at least it is still part of her homework!! Reid does the bedtime routine and I guess the Guardian Angel prayer isn't in his line  up :)  So, sweet girl learned the prayer from the year I nursed her and the times I put her to bed when Reid is at class.

Libby too knows the prayer! There is one word that I say differently so it did mix Libby up a bit to make sure she was concentrating to say it correctly, and of course once that camera is on, she loses everything ;)

Libby and I got a chance to snuggle Little Miss Nyah!  She is so teeny-tiny and perfect, Libby's been asking to go back each day! Great job Carrie & Tyler, she's beautiful!

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