Monday, September 15, 2014

One Month--Give or Take

We are officially one month (give or take) away from Squirt's due date.  How did that happen? Thinking, praying and preparing what seems like each moment of every day.  Soaking up the ease of the weekends while we have them :)

Friday Afternoon games

Proof that we're still adjusting to Kindergarten and the fact that it isn't always, butterflies and rainbows here at the Craigmile Crew...

because she couldn't get her hair thing to work correctly
The Chiropractor on Friday was AMAZING!! My doc said since it was my first adjustment I would feel worse before I felt better and it would feel like I just had a big workout, which held true through Friday night.  I woke up Saturday morning and I could walk without any nerve pain or waddling, I could stand on one leg to get my clothes on and I could shave my legs with ease (other than the protruding 9 month baby belly!) in the shower.  Kind of crazy, that I had just chalked the "pain" up as something to be expected with pregnancy.  I had dealt with it for so long it just became part of my every day.  Glad I was able to get some relief along with the support of Reid :) My doctor said to be sure to be proud of myself for taking the time for myself, it isn't something easy to do when you're a mom, especially a SAHM because you don't have daycare to watch kiddos if you were to get off work early for an appointment (thank you Delores!). Nor is it normal to find time for yourself when you're 35 weeks pregnant with your third.  So, patting myself on the back ;)

Being that I was a bit more comfortable throughout the weekend, we went for lots of walks and played at the park, soaking up the beautiful Fall weather.

Water break from riding bikes in the parking lot

The girls' new favorite game is to try and "get" Daddy while they are swinging.  You should hear the belly laughs that come from this, love love love!

After Mass Saturday evening, we hit up Noodles for dinner.

"Hey Dad, you wanna know what?"

"You are a good Daddy...

...and I love you!"

Insert melted heart

We may or may not have drove thru DQ on the way home... Thanks Nana for the coupons!

Sunday morning was a little bit Wonderful, enjoyed some conversation with the Hubby while sipping hot coffee and the girls played on their imaginative boat to the North Pole.

Big Sister being patient while teaching Little Sister to read

I mean, classical music and all ;)

(She really does know her colors, she was just trying to focus on recognizing the pictures)

More parkaholic moments

Purple people eaters


This little lady wanted to pull the wagon home and walked close to a mile :)

She even asked to pull Daddy for a little bit.  Mommy and Sally were up ahead.  Sally was biking and I had to help her when it was time to cross streets

And then another park after naps.  Super Sally with her cape...she maybe did a little too much spinning--Mommy, my tummy doesn't feel so good.  She recovered about 30 minutes after we got home, oofta

Bedtime blessings, full heart from a wonderful weekend!

Bus update! It was on time ALL of last week, yay! We even got it arranged to pick up and drop off at our house.  This morning was the first time testing it out and it was a success, hoping the afternoon will go off without a hitch as well!!

Sister moment before going their separate ways, hopefully this love holds on throughout the afternoon return too ;)

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to our Dear friend Mary!! We miss you and your family like crazy, so glad you got to celebrate you, you deserve it!!

Happy Monday Ya'll!

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