Thursday, September 4, 2014

Shopping for Squirt & Horse Races

Saturday morning we headed to the mall to pick out the "coming home" outfit for Squirt.  The girls were tough critics, especially Libby :)

Daddy was a big turtles fan when he was a little boy.  Nana still has all of his figurines saved!

You can't go to the mall and not have a snack break at Auntie Anne's!

For quite some time I've been wanting to surprise Sally by taking her to Canterbury Horse Races, as horses are her favorite animal.  As we were planning out this weekend, we knew this would be the big surprise.

She just spotted a horse

Where could we be going?
It was a bummer that it was a little rainy, but at least it wasn't a complete wash out.  And we did get a beautiful rainbow out of the deal!

Taking in the first race!

Checking out the competition.  We would each pick a horse for each race, Libby had the best record!!

Little Cowgirl!


The trumpeter announcing the start of each race was Libby's favorite part.  Giving him a thumbs up!

Another added bonus was the fact that it was Food Truck night too! Crushing a mini donut and picking the winners

How are the horses looking in Canada, Daddy? :) #twentybucks

You can kind of see the rainbow behind us

Our beautiful girls! Love making memories with our little family!

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