Monday, September 8, 2014

Beautiful Weekend

Wow, was the weather this weekend perfect, or what?! We had a wonderful mix of nothing on our plate, a baby shower for Baby Nordeen and very productive house organization.

My friend, Lindsey, and her family came to visit on Friday!  I met her in college and we have recently reconnected in helping one another out in staying sane throughout the trying and joyful days of staying home to raise our kiddos.  They stayed for the afternoon Friday and it was so great to meet her adorable little boys and have time to have real conversations!! Thank you so much guys, for taking the time to visit, come back again soon! ooooooor if this winter is another brutal one, we may have to come you in Tampa!

Sally and Libby loved trying to hold Deklan, even though he's a 7 month boy and would much rather be on the go! :)

We gave Sally the title of "babysitter" and she took it very seriously! Hopefully that'll stick around for when Squirt comes!

Making sure Maks doesn't go too far or venture toward the street

The Moms

The Dads with the kiddos.  Can you believe we got everyone to look AND smile?!

Saturday, as I told you Reid stepped it up and helped Mommy with things around the house I just don't have the energy to make a priority, like cleaning the window sills!

He also has MUCH more patience in letting the girls help with those sorts of tasks!

The chain link is the countdown for Daddy finishing up school!!

We did Mass Saturday night, so it allowed us to have a lazier Sunday.  Reid and I also labelled it "no shout Sunday and phone on the microwave."  No raising voices at the kiddos and cell phones must remain on the microwave throughout the day, unless the girls are sleeping.  It was such a peaceful day!! Pretty sure, that'll be a theme every Sunday!

Morning walk to the park!

We're ready to take on another week!

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