Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Celebrating Nana and Grandpa's 40 years of Marriage

Last weekend was our last overnight until baby comes, kind of crazy to think about.  At the beginning of the summer Nana and Grandpa's only request to celebrate their 40th!!!! wedding anniversary was to have both families home at the same time.  Pretty simple, right? :)

It was great to have everyone together!

The kiddos are at awesome ages where they play so well together too!

Helping Nana make the fruit pizza for lunch!

Playing with the doll house...shhhhh don't tell them that's coming to our house soon, as a surprise after Baby arrives.  Thank you Hannah for sharing that with the girls!!!

Cousins hanging out.  Cannon Lllllllllllloved Libby and Libby llllllllllllllllllloooooved Cannon.  Sally got a little jealous sometimes of all the attention Libby got from Cannon ;)

Grandparents with their Grandkids

The whole crew, out to celebrate at Rudy's Redeye Grill

His only request at dinner was to sit next to Libby

All weekend Libby kept telling me that to celebrate the anniversary we needed to go get flowers, so we did just that after Mass Sunday morning, and surprised Nana and Grandpa.

One from each grandchild, Squirt too!

Happy Anniversary Nana and Grandpa!  Thank you for setting such a good example of what a true marriage is!!  Thank you for a fantastic weekend filled with wonderful conversation and memories!  We love you!

Apparently all you need is a road trip to Kansas to teach your children to take naps in the car!!

Apparently this isn't our lucky week for appointments.  Yesterday I brought the girls with me to my prenatal appointment.  What was supposed to be a quick weight check, blood pressure, measure baby belly and listen to a heartbeat turned in to a lot of waiting around.  Grrrrr, I hate when that happens.  Thankfully the girls were FANTASTIC

The receptionist was prepared with coloring pages and crayons.  They have always told me it is a kid-friendly office

More waiting in the check up room.  Luckily Mom is tech-savvy and used the touch screen to find my way to the National Geographic Kid Videos they provide for you...usually the nurse turns it on ;)
The 3,568 time Sally redid her ponytail, now that she knows how to do it herself :)

All is well with Squirt!  So well in fact, that they're letting me skip my, what should be 2 week in between check-up and just wait until I'm 36, almost 37 weeks, eeeeeeeeeeeeek!  Because I don't have a history of high blood pressure or pre-term labor they feel comfortable doing so.  The heart rate this week was a little higher, in the 150's, maybe it was feeling the impatience of Mom sitting and waiting for over 45 minutes!!

Thank you for those who have submitted their guess.  Don't be shy, give it a guess, I'd love to know who actually reads this blog :) Don't worry about making me feel bad with your guess if you think it'll be large and in charge or if I'll be overdue.  I'm actually hoping for a few days late and I think it'll be over 10 lbs :)  Guess away!!  If for some reason the link doesn't work the game name is SquirtC-Mile

Continuing with the unlucky appointments, Sally had a dentist check up today.  We waited for 35 minutes!!!! to get called back, they came and apologized after 20, so I would know they didn't forget about us.  The cleaning was quick and then we had to wait for the Doctor.  When it was all said and done we were there for an hour and 10 minutes.  We've never had to wait THAT long before.  OOOfta.  And to think next time Libby will get checked too, and I'll have a 3rd little sidekick to take along!

Thankfully Rapunzel was the movie playing and they have a great little tree house so the girls were occupied once again!

Watching very closely as she knows she has a turn in a few months!

Love this girl and her creativity! Thank you Nana and Grandpa for the adorable cowgirl boots!!

Tonight we have Sally's Kindergarten Picnic, to meet new friends and the fellow Kindergarten Families.  We're quite excited!

She wanted to help make the Salad we are sharing.  Thank you Grandma for the awesome recipe!!

"I can't WAIT to meet new friends"-Sally

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