Monday, August 4, 2014

A-Town with Friends

This weekend my mom and George graciously offered up their house for Reid and I to have a friends weekend in Alexandria.  Unfortunately Miss Haddie came down with Hand, Foot and Mouth Thursday night/Friday so the Martinson Family wasn't able to make it!  We certainly missed them, but we {The Christensen and Craigmile Family} made the most of it!

It was so nice having the kids sleep at the same place so the adults could continue to hang out and chat, rather than rushing home for naps or bedtimes like we usually have to do.  It was a nice mix of craziness {to be expected with kiddos, although, they were pretty darn well behaved!} and laziness :)  Thank you for making the trip Christensen Family, we had a great time!!

Waiting for the Christensen Family to arrive!

One of our favorite spots

Her first selfie

Sally went to bed a little earlier since she got to skip her quiet time

Enjoying the sunset with Tiff and Pat, and then Tiff and I head to DQ to kick off the weekend and celebrate the fact that I passed my 3 hour glucose test.  {I failed the regular one on Wednesday, by ONE point!}

Saturday morning donuts!

It was such a beautiful weekend...minus the few random downpours

Morning swim at the Beach!

Lunch at Bug-a-Boo

Complete with bouncy houses in the parking lot

Nap time and then a little Salon Tiffany before heading to dinner at the Arrowwood Deck Bar!

Silly stare down of who will smile first :)

A little dancing after dinner

The girls were so excited to see over 20 horses on the way home!! "Mom, this is the best day EVER!!"

Bedtime stories brought to you by Pat

Sally crushed an awesome nap so she got to stay up and roast marshmallows.  She was pretty excited to be able to do it by herself.

Enjoying another sunset before heading in to play Nines.

We spotted a flying squirrel on the bird feeder too!

Sunday morning we cleaned up and packed up.  Went to 10am Mass and then headed to Travs to celebrate Nana and Grandpa's 40th wedding anniversary.  The true celebration will be in a few weekends when the whole family gets together.

Another successful summer weekend complete with great memories, in the books!

Thank you Mom, George, Pat, Tiffany, Izzy and Bobby!

Happy Monday!

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