Monday, August 18, 2014

Catch Up

It was a busy busy week last week, here are a few pictures to catch you up

Long overdue, some quiet time awesomeness from Sally

This was pre-Kansas Trip
A little log cabin

Salon Sally

Daddy caught a "You are my Sunshine" session before bedtime

Sally, always always remembering to hold baby's hand too :)
Chillin' at the pool--this week is already the last week of the pool!

What a great summer it has been with my girls!


Silly Faces during a pool check

Before Mommy headed off to a girls night, the Gearman Family stopped over during their walk.  We were able to give Wesley his 1st birthday present

Was a nice and quiet morning where the girls played so nicely together in the pool and I could just sit back and take it all in

Just hanging, watching people come down the water slides

One week night last week we headed over the river and through the woods to Mohtomedi to stand in as proxies for Oliver's baptism.  It was so great to see the Shipman family again!!  They are expecting a baby girl in December!

Strike a pose

Flex your muscles

We had a wonderful early surprise blessing.  Miss Carrie had her sweet baby girl 5 weeks early!  She was induced due to high blood pressure.  Miss Nyah Sue Harberts joined the world Tuesday, August 12 at 2pm.  She weighs 4lbs 4oz and is 17 1/2 inches long.  All are doing remarkably well! Miss Nyah will be in the hospital for a big longer, just to make sure she continues to gain weight and remain healthy.  As Carrie put it, she's already an overachiever, not needing any additional medical help :)

It was so wonderful to congratulate Tyler and Carrie and meet their new baby girl Wednesday evening!  Nyah is so very fortunate to have the two of you as her parents!

The Sweetest little thing

More pool time, just hanging out,watching her sister


Thursday night we got to surprise Kyle with an early 30th birthday celebration dinner.  Happy Birthday today, Kyle!!

We went to the Red Cow, amazeballs!!  The boys and their "state fair" burgers, had the best of the grilled state fair grilled goodness ON their burgers.  Good thing they're so young and fit or it would be a heart attack waiting to happen:)

Friday we prepped for the Assumption of the blessed Virgin Mary with some youtube videos during lunch.  We were also part of Father's homily...

Father was talking about how pictures and statues portray the Virgin Mary and her Son, Jesus.  How He's always being presented outward, as compared to how mothers traditionally hold their children.  Inward, nestled in the crook of their neck.  Libby happened to be snuggling on me, perched on the baby belly, and Father pointed it out for the congregation to take a look, all eyes were on us.  He made sure to catch us after Mass to say thank you for being such a great visual for the Homily :)

Juuuuuust a typical low key day here on the ranch

More to come on our weekend celebrations of 6 years of Marriage, a ginormous family reunion, family wedding and our parish picnic.

See? Busy Busy

Happy Monday Ya'll

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