Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Friday: Deanna Rose Farm

Friday in Kansas was a fun filled day!  We started the day with some quick Daniel Tiger

A little more hair braiding...Madeline was home and got a wonderful wake up call from the girls ;)

A little morning Foosball game

A quick piano session

And then we were off to the Zoo/petting farm.  It was awesome! So age appropriate for our girls, and so so hands on!!  Great idea Melissa!!

It was wonderful having Hannah and Madeline as well, each girl clung to one of the big girls.  The Boys did a great job of being excited for the girls and not complaining once.  Such awesome role models these kiddos are for our girls!


An old school house with a quick little lesson

Can we take them home with us? Going out and about would be so much easier :)

Petting the goats

These guys cracked me up that they would stand on the tables and just stare at everyone

Pretending to milk a cow


Couldn't get enough, maybe she'll be a vet some day

Quick little info movie on cows and milk and butter, oh my

Checking out the Encampment

We knew the girls would love the horse/pony rides.  The only problem is we had to "round up" Libby's age to 3.  It's not easy trying to explain that to her, and to not correct Mommy when the guy asks how old she is.  She did great keeping the secret until she was done and we were watching Sally.  On the bench she loudly said to no one, "I'm 2 1/2."  You can hear it in the background of the video of Sally riding her horse.  Oh well, at least she had already rode the horse and rode it well!

So incredibly cute!

Libby's horse's name was Annie

I was impressed with her willingness, especially because I couldn't put her on or take her off the horse.

You can see Sally on her horse too.  Her horse's name was Darby, she loved every second!

Sally was excited to point out Mommy's favorite kind of tree, a weeping willow.  ps we also lucked out with the great weather while we were there.  Not too hot or humid compared to what they normally experience this time of year.

A little tractor riding was enjoyed as well!

Swinging with her role models

Checking out the blacksmith

Pit stop for a little pre-lunch ice cream treat!

Or cookie, if you're Libby :) Photobomb compliments of Mommy

Checking out the Horse

Next up, a little feeding and petting of the goats, one even got a little bite out of Reid's shorts that we caught on video :)

Don't mind the screaming/crying child that walks was a nice preview for Reid of what an outing during the week is like with all of the SAHM :)

Heading in to pet the goats

Libby wasn't too sure, but eventually she wanted to give it a try too

We headed home to meet up with John to have a little lunch, before nap and an afternoon swim!

Reid only had a little fun being a teenage boy again :)

Helping Madeline get the cornbread muffins made to go with our dinner

Not sure what they're watching here, but a sweet moment nonetheless

After the girls went to bed, Thomas and Erin came over some quality chit chat before we all headed to bed!

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