Friday, August 15, 2014

Saturday: More Family

Daddy continued his Saturday morning donut tradition by taking the girls to HyVee

Complete with a horse, of course

Madeline had a placement test for her next Ballet class.  We thought it would be fun to check out the dance studio.  The girls wanted to stretch with her before heading out

Seeing what a real dance studio is like

 Hannah teaching the girls a few things :)

After, we headed to pick out some ribbon so Melissa could make the girls some awesome "no slip" headbands!!

While the boys played a little BBall

During naps, the big boys headed to a cigar bar

Tough guys...

Meanwhile the girls continued with some dress up

After the Big Boys took a shower, or three, we headed over to Thomas and Erin's new house!! We were very excited to see their new place!

Love the new digs and the delicious food.  Thank you guys for having us over!!
 We got to see Kaylee, Colby and Grandma Cori, too!!
Note Sally sporting one of her new headbands

They're excited for her to be a bride really soon!!

The kids table...

The Big Kid table

Baby came too :)

This series of pictures, pretty much sums up the awesomeness of this family :)

We headed back to put the girlies down to bed and continued the fun with the adults at the Blue Moose.  Thank you Madeline for babysitting!!

Fun was had by all!


Love love love!

Such great times!

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