Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Weekend of Celebrations

Saturday Reid and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Seems peanuts in comparison to his parents recently celebrating their 40th.  So, I like to add on that we've technically been together for 12.5 years, and he still makes my heart skip a beat.  Love you babens!

They picked up some flowers on their Saturday morning donut run

Sally made sure to tell everyone that she saw, that it was her Mom and Dad's anniversary.  She doesn't forget a thing.  "Mom, can I put on my flower girl dress, and you put on your wedding dress, and we drink special juice in special glasses and watch you and Daddy get married?"  Well, we did most of that.  Yes to the flower girl dress.  Not a chance to the wedding dress--hellllllllllllllloooo 32 weeks pregnant!! and how about we swap champagne for donuts? :)

Being the good Dad and husband that he is, he took the girls out biking so Mommy could get ready for the day in peace.  It was a busy day with a family reunion from 1-4, quick freshen up, hand the girls off to a sitter and head to a family wedding.

She can totally bike alllllllll on her own, in fact I even took she and L up to the parking lot solo today!

The family reunion was a lot of fun.  A little hot and humid, but at least it wasn't raining :)  They hired a photographer complete with a drone that took aerial footage, it was pretty cool!

The kiddo section of the group photo

The Arne Phenow Crew of the reunion!

I love how much she loves on Great Grandma Bea, always going in for snuggles and a quick little chat!
The whole Crew!

It was VERY well organized, we were very impressed!

We had a lot of fun later in the evening celebrating Chelsea and Brian's Wedding.  Congratulations guys, what a great party!!

Sure did rip of the dance floor at almost 32 weeks leggo my preggo, I wasn't even sore the next day! whoop whoop

Photo booth fun!

Of course Reid, just like Sally, always always including baby :)

Watch out for the creepers in the back row ;)

Sunday morning we woke up, headed to Mass, picked up Sally's back-to-school Info, gaaaaaaaaaah and headed to the Parish Picnic!

The girls had a lot of fun this year with the games

We sat next to a Vet and Sally wanted to be sure to thank him for his service (Thank you John and Melissa for passing that on!).  He was very appreciative and let the girls try out his hat :)

Waiting patiently to tell him Thank you

Playing with one of her prizes, an airplane and getting dizzy and thinking it is so funny :)

Well, tomorrow, Little Squirt has been cooking for 32 weeks, feel free to submit a guess on what you think we're having, when he/she will arrive and how big he/she will be.

There is a little button at the top of the blog on the right side or you can click right here:

Will Molly be the winner again this go around?  Good Luck!

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