Monday, August 25, 2014

aaaaand that's a wrap!

Last Friday was our last day of the pool.  Continuing to teach the girls to be thankful it happened instead of sad that it's over.  We certainly had a good run at it this summer!!

There's so much growth during the summer months!!

Silly Faces!

Underwater Handstand

One last sister swim while Mommy can just sit and smile from the sidelines

Strike a pose!

Love her tan and her little beach bum

Belting out Skol Vikings!

As a treat for our last time, we didn't pack our lunch and we ordered it from the pool.  The girls were allowed to go up and order their own dessert after they finished their lunch

Traditional final walk poses

"See you next summer Pool, and we'll have baby too!" -Sally

Sally is quite proud that she knows how to use a hair tie now and loves to do she and Libby's hair :)

L got to stay up a little later the other night and play Candlyland with Daddy.  Mommy got to go with Kari and help Tiffany set up her new classroom!

 "Can I take a picture of you Daddy?"-L

It was Grandma Peggy's Birthday on Friday too!  I even got to see her in person the next day to hand deliver her gifts!  Thanks for teaching me everything I need to know about being a mom! Hope you had a great birthday! Love you!

With no pool open this morning and a cool breeze, we headed up to the new park, which used to be known as the green park.  The girls had fun!

This is how I'll always remember the summer of 2014 :)

Happy Monday! I'll be back soon with pictures from our weekend in Alexandria, celebrating Nana and Grandpa's 40th Wedding Anniversary!

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