Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This and This Happened

So the other morning this happened

See that face? She knew she was in trouble.  I was gone for 30 seconds to help Sally in the bathroom.  Not sure if she was exploring or trying to smell the pretty flowers that Daddy gave Mommy.

But then this also happened

Sally got she and Libby a snack. Helped put Libby's shoes on.  Helped her get outside to sit on the step and opened her snack for her.  All asking permission before she did it. So happy to be here to witness these moments.

God was quite the artist yesterday morning

Reid captured this picture on the way to the gym

God also helped create this beauty

We've been having a lot of fun at the pool.  Libby finally went in the water on her own terms.  After a few successful trips down the water slide she was wet enough that she didn't mind walking into the pool.
Water slides, so much fun, but such a work out! Climbing all of the stairs quickly, to keep up with the excited four year old while holding Libby and a 3 person tube.  Then to quickly get us situated in the tube and to keep us afloat after we "land" and paddle us to the side to lift the girls to safety to then hear "AGAIN MOM, Let's do that again!!"  I'm going to have some sick thighs by the end of the summer after all of my stair climbing.
I'm not complaining. It really is a lot of fun.  I just wish I could trust Libby to climb the stairs herself!

"Hey Mom, take a picture and send it to Daddy so he can see me on my bike, and then let me type my name" She text now.  She'll never know what life was like without technology. A little more simpler, but imagine how much Reid loves being able to see his girls throughout the day while he's at work.

We went back to the pool for round two yesterday.  Knowing that Daddy had class so we might as well stay for dinner!

Rough Life
Happy Summer, Happy Moments

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