Monday, June 24, 2013

Bridesmaids up to no good

Friday was a lot of fun...until the storm hit. UGH why does MN weather always find a way to get in the way?

Thankfully we had the best of the best for sitters at our house.  When we came home, there was no electricity, both girls were sleeping soundly and the sitters were hanging out on the couch with flashlights and candles.  It is also worth mentioning that their mom came over to start the shift so Reid could make it on time for the wedding reception.  Did we hit the jackpot or what? Thank you lovely ladies for taking such good care of our little girls!! We appreciate you!

Also, thank you to Kristen for bringing Reid and I back home safely in between the storms, even if we did have to leave the reception earlier than intended.

**We are one of the lucky ones who got power restored at 8am on Saturday morning!! Phew!

Back to the reception. It was a wonderful girls day and a fabulous party to celebrate Jenny & Michael!!


We enjoyed a lazy lunch at Maynard's in Rogers.  Me and Lizzy Lou

I have my own stylist, you know! She's going to be sorry she did such an awesome job, thank you Carrie!!


Thank you thank you Carebear!
Cheers to JenBen!

So good to spend a full day with this lady!

Bridesmaids up to no good

Photobomb meggers :)

Carrie and Liz wrote a little diddy to The Fresh Prince song.  They had the rest of the bridesmaids as their back up dancers

Bromance-Thank you Tyler for giving Reid a ride up!

Two Peas in a pod
Girlfriends--couldn't live without you ladies!
Thank you Jenny and Michael for throwing such a fun party and letting us be a part of it! Love you!

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