Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Slivers and Ducklings

Sally had two small slivers yesterday, which pretty much meant she lost 2 toes.  My goodness that child needs to work on containing herself.  A little hydrogen peroxide, an ice cube to numb and those slivers were out in record time.

Meanwhile Libby skinned up her knee for a second time and it didn't even slow her down. She brushed it off and carried on.

A mother duck made a nest in a tree down our street.  Today we saw the ducklings fall from the tree and follow their mama.  They have quite a hike to find some water from here.  I hope they made it.

Two more ducklings added the family after the picture was taken

It was an absolute picture perfect morning yesterday. Wouldn't mind a few of those in a row, ahem to the Big Guy upstairs =)

She was intrigued by an inch worm for at least 45 minutes. So sweet and learning, learning on her own that she maybe isn't so afraid of crawling bugs

She took a great nap so she got to stay up a few minutes longer. Thank you Christensen Family, I think she has a new favorite game! The crown, bracelet and ring, look quite natural on Reid.  He should maybe start a new trend at work =)

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