Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy June!

Yay for it somewhat feeling like summer!  We had a great weekend with some planned get togethers and some unplanned! Fun was had all around and wonderful food was eaten!

Sunshine sisters!
Taking her Babe for a walk

Sally forgot how much she loved riding her bigger bike!

Heading to the Park
Play Date! Patiently awaiting the arrival of one more!!

Sally took this one...if only it would be in focus!

Helping Daddy clean the cars while mommy mows

Heading to the Shipman's new house!
Making sure the Daddy's are staying on task

Friends, reunited!

Jump Jump!

She never turns down a sprinkler, no matter how cold

Playin', Splashin', Pourin'


Our weekend was a slam dunk!

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  1. I wish I could say "patiently" waiting haha! Trying really hard to be patient though. I love how we got together unplanned twice in one weekend, so much fun! I can't wait for summer and more fun planned and unplanned playdates. Izzy woke up this morning and refused to sit in her high chair and sat in her "big girl" one, she pointed to her other one and said, "Libby sit dere, Libby, sleeping!" Such a nut! Have a great day!