Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The rest of the stormy/sunny weekend

Uncle Joey didn't have power this weekend, still doesn't, as of Monday night. So we got to hang with him quite a bit, which was fun!

Sally also had a birthday party at KidsCreate Studio.  It was ice cream themed and lots of fun!

Across the street and 3 houses down
Not terrible, considering how many trees are on our block

Snuggles with Uncle Joey

Joey likes to explore and drive around in his new truck and I wanted to see what damage there was around the lakes.  So we took a little Saturday night cruise around Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriett, and Lake of the Isles. 
Have you seen the Super Moon?  This picture doesn't do it justice

We ended the night with a little old school!
 It has been long overdue that we get together with our neighbors that live 5 houses down.  We've said if they were a few houses closer we would probably hang out quite often.  We finally arranged a little BBQ and it was so great getting to know them as well as swap parenting advice and baby stories.  We will be getting together again, really soon!  Thank you for having us over!!
Sally's been counting down the days until she could scooter down to Maddie's house, she's way ahead of Reid and Libby

Jumping away

3/4 girls

Summer nights are the best!

**Happy Happy Birthday Grandparooooooooni! We hope you have a fantastic day! We'll do our best to get you your own Birthday Video Post later today! We can't wait to see you this weekend! Love you so so much!!

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