Wednesday, June 5, 2013

If you wear it, it will come


The girls got their summer hair cuts.  My friend Carrie made a comment on the instagram picture.  If you wear it, it will come.  Hopefully summer gets the memo!

Her second hair cut...will the curls last or are they baby curls?

Loving this little lady so much lately
Double Trouble. It has been a while since Sally has attended our errands, as we always did them when she was at preschool.

Yep, she wakes up looking this cute.  Mornings are my favorite!
Mama was refreshed last night as she met up with Kari for a night to ourselves.  It was Kari's first night away from Haddie, and both Mommy and Haddie did very well! It will be happening more often for sure! We went to Yumi's Sushi Bar, and it was delish! Thanks for the great convo Kari! Next time we'll remember to take a picture!

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  1. Grandma is loving those curls! :-)