Friday, June 21, 2013


**I actually posted this post yesterday afternoon, but set it to publish this AM. After having completed this post, I read something on another blog that had to do with moments!

"I’m realizing life is made up of moments… simple moments… moments strung together. Happy, silly, sad, hard beautiful moments… MOMents… It’s no surprise to me that the word Mom is snuck in there."

Mama gets a little break today I get to spend the whole day with my girlfriends.  We're celebrating Jenny and Michael's marriage from last January in the Dominican.  A HUGE thank you to Uncle Joey for being our DD tonight!!

A few sweet moments from this week

Bus Driver

She continues to be my little fish.  Loving the water!

She is still quite hesitant. Oh well, so far it makes for an easier summer at the pool

We have another Saint in the making.  Libby can spot this sign at the pool from a mile away, and when she does, she shouts JEES JEES JEES {Jesus}!

Big Sister showing Little Sister the way home

Sporting a cute hand-me-down dress from our neighbors across the street. Thank you!!

Happy First Official Day of Summer!

Have a Terrific Weekend!

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