Monday, June 4, 2012

Welcome June

We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend.  Maybe I've forgotten that all nice weathered summer weekends are great??? We'll take them.  We did a little of this and a little of that and a whole lotta hanging out.  I know it was that good because I didn't even bother to put any make-up on, on Saturday.

Thank you Kari and Andy for Sally's adorable gift! She's a big fan!!

Mommy got some one on one time with her littlest on Friday, while Sally napped {Daddy had the day off}. We went for a loooooong walk and chatted about life, just she and I.

I can't get enough of this girl.  She gives smiles and giggles away all day every day!

Lots of eating and snacking outside

Big Sister enjoyed getting the pool out again

Nummy Blueberries
A few Sallyisms from the weekend:

*Reid watching golf on TV. 
Reid:"Hey Sally, that's Tiger, he's a really good golfer."
Sally:"What Daddy? Where's the Tiger? I don't see a Tiger"

*I put on a pink cover-up dress "Oh Mom, I sure do like that dress.  Maybe I can wear that when I'm a Mommy and be as beautiful as you!" {This was the day I wore no make-up}

*Reid: "Hey Sally, would you like to join a nunnery where you can pray to Jesus all day every day?"
  Sally: "Oh! I sure would!  Then Jesus can smile at me!"

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