Friday, June 29, 2012

Anticipating Our Summer Vacation

We're very much looking forward to heading up to Alex tomorrow, for an entire week and a day!! We don't get to go to Alex very often with nothing on our plate.  That means LOTS of relaxation and nothingness, oh and the weather is suppose to be pretty much perfect!

Reid and I will also be heading to Fargo to celebrate the wedding of our good friends.  My mom has convinced me to leave Miss Libby with her, and of course Sally.  I'm excited to have two mornings without kids, but it's always hard to leave your child for the first time.  Hopefully we'll all do great!

I'm sure I'll have plenty to report and a handful of pictures when I stop on back on July 9!!!

Have a fabulous and safe 4th of July!

Did you know we have a doctor at our house??

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  1. Have a wonderful vacation week! I know the 4th is a special time for your family. Hopefully you'll receive a fun text from me :-) enjoy your childless weekend too!!!!!