Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Days

We've been enjoying a lot of time outside these past few days!

Loving her water bottle from Kari!

She could play with the watering can for hours!

Pretty Purple Lady, thanks to Kari!

Taking her Horsies for a ride!
 Our friends, Tasha, Bren and Celia had us over for a play date yesterday!  We met this wonderful family during our Fall semester ECFE Class.  So fun to reconnect! I think we'll be having regular play dates, as Sally and Bren played really well together!! Thanks for having us over!!
taking a break from playing outside to play in Bren's bed

Celia wanted to join in the fun

Tickling Bren

Love this picture, you can almost hear the giggles :)

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  1. Sally can get a watering job at g.paroonies!!! He would love to train her in with the gardening thing!