Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sister Sister

I'm sure this is the first of many matching outfits.  I guess it's kind of hard to tell, but they are both wearing khaki shorts {even though Libby's are five sizes too big} and a striped shirt.

This little photo shoot also tells me how different Libby is than Sally.  Had I laid Sally in the grass when she was Libby's age, she would have FA-REAK-ED out.  Libby was all "Hey, what's this? This is different?"  Not all smiles, but definitely no where near tears.

Sensitive Sally and Laid-back Libbers :)

They held hands unprompted

I promise Libby really does have a neck :)


  1. I love Libby's chunk! She's such a happy baby!

  2. Miss Libby looks alittle underfed? I love her chubby knees...haha..and Sally has quite a nice tan going on already. Its always a treat seeing your girls. Thanks for sharing! Deb Gearman