Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bed Time Fun

The other night we had one of those nights that I know I'll someday think back and remember.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened, but we just remembered to snap a picture. 

Reid, Sally and I laid up in Sally's bed for a half hour just goofing around, talking and reading books. Every one was in a silly mood playing off of each other's mood.

Getting Mommy with Kisses

As I walked away, letting Reid have his final prayers with Sally, I thought how sad we were almost a year ago, transitioning Sally to a big girl bed.  I knew I would miss rocking her in my arms for a few minutes before putting her in her crib, she is such a good snuggler.  However, I also knew there would be new memories and games that could be done when we could all lay together in her bed.  So it also got me thinking of the fun memories we have to come when Libbsters joins us upstairs for the fun giggles. 

Girlfriend goes to bed around 6:30 each night.  I made sure to give her some extra loving the next morning, since she missed out :)

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